Finding Music in Recovery

music tape.jpg

Music has always been a huge part of my life starting from my first cassette tape that I held onto for years. I remember losing that tape when I started getting high. Before that I used music to escape or just to be away from everyone for a bit. Then, the drugs started. Although I still loved music, I still loved drugs more and the drugs blocked me from fully experiencing the escape from music that I used to get. As I got deeper and deeper, drugs were the only thing that were important. When I finally got to SOCD and I got better, not only did I get back the love for music, but I started making music, learning instruments, singing, and having a great time. SOCD’s music therapy group is one of my favorite groups of the week. They provide music equipment and we do whatever we like with them and make songs. Even after the group, the equipment is always available to mess around with. I am grateful I have chosen SOCD as my home. They have showed me more about myself than anyone else.