I’m Salina Shuler, the President and co-founder of South OC Detox and Treatment. It has been my vision to establish a different type of drug and alcohol detox than what exists in most institutions and facilities throughout the country. While we provide a safe and comfortable detox for addictions ranging from alcohol and opiates, to benzodiazepines and amphetamines, we also try to create an environment that would best facilitate growth in our clients during this first phase of treatment. Rather than merely providing the necessities for a comfortable stay, here at SOCD, we attempt to empower our clients to take seriously their recovery and to view this process as one that will require the willingness to explore different coping skills, the honesty to look within oneself, the openness to share one’s pain with others as a means to acceptance, and the perseverance to commit to a process by which many, many others have found peace and serenity. In my many years of working in the clinical field, I have found that empathy and understanding are two of the most important facets of connection by which I have seen positive change in my clients. Using these gifts has allowed me to bring a different level of care to those who come in to South OC Detox & Treatment and has also helped me to bring hope to those who believe they are swimming in a sea of hopelessness.


Client Reviews

Salina is the most genuine and caring person that I know. She is extremely passionate about working with addicts. She puts her all into her work with clients, working through deep rooted issues each individual is struggling with. You can just tell she really cares about each and every person that comes to SOCD. She goes above and beyond to make sure the clients are comfortable and cared for. She creates a safe environment for anyone who needs help. The guidance that Salina offers comes from a place of genuine care for the addict recovering. Without Salina’s help throughout my recovery I don’t know where I would be today and I am extremely grateful for everything she has done, and continues to do for me”.- Socdetox 22-year old  Female Client

Client Reviews

When I came into detox and met Alicia I immediately felt comfortable talking to her about anything and everything. I am very grateful for her mediating my family session on the phone and making us feel like anything said was needed to be talked about, good and bad. She expressed her thoughts and feedback and reassured us that everything can be worked through. I took a lot away from my family session and it really helped my family dynamic in my eyes. I will forever be grateful for her therapy and I think Alicia does great clinical work at SOCD.”-Socdetox Client

Client Reviews

Greg is part of the foundation at SOCD that makes it feel like family. He does a great job at being supportive while still being professional. His story of success is inspiring. Greg truly cares about each and every client. He is attentive and understanding. I know I can turn to him if I am struggling emotionally or physically through my detox process”-Socdetox client

Client Reviews

Tanya has so many great qualities as a therapist and as a person. She listens attentively, cares about what I have to say, and gives honest and direct feedback which help’s me look at what I need to work on to be a better version of myself. Talking and opening up with Tanya feels so natural. It allows us to have blunt conversations, which has been hard with therapists in the past. Truly caring and genuine are the words I would use to describe her. Tanya’s groups allow for a lot of insight into myself, and the addiction process and understanding addiction better. With many years of experience in the field and even more even more life experience, she truly has a lot to offer and is a great addition at SOCD”   - SOCD 28-year old Male Client


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