Wisdom at South Orange County Detox & Treatment and Sponsorship

wisdom south oc detox.jpg

In recovery you need good wisdom to surround you and help you get out of the hole that you dug yourself into.  There are many ways of gaining wisdom.  If you are as lucky as me you will land here at South Orange County Detox & Treatment (SOCD) instead of other “treatment” facilities out there. While other places work on addiction, SOCD works on both addiction and behaviors. You could have years without drugs but without working deeper you will still be the same addict just as you were without them. SOCD provides more wisdom and knowledge about addiction through therapists, staff and other recovering alcoholics/addicts. I say legitimate because nowadays it is hard to find legitimacy in recovery. Here they have degrees literally hanging on walls to prove the work they’ve put in to become who they are today. The most wisdom I have attained from SOCD is actually from the program director. She work 24 hours a day literally to make sure everyone has their needs met. She is a miracle worker. Even though she owns this place she still works here. SOCD has been her calling for many years and seeing her work in action helping people has motivated me to go to school to learn more on what I can do to help others. There is nothing but wisdom here. That is why I have been here for 11 months. I keep learning and bettering myself.   Additionally, I recommended getting a sponsor that knows what he/she is doing, preferably with a good amount of time.