"Synchronicity" for Me and My Family- Recovery Word of the Week

fisherman sun.jpg

There have been a few occasions over the last few weeks at South Orange County Detox & Treatment where synchronicity has shown itself, as was the case yesterday morning. It was a cloudy morning and I was a bit cold. I asked aloud, in front of some other newly sober people, for the Sun to come out and shine on me. Immediately afterwards, to the amazement of myself and the others around, the Sun came through the clouds and brightly shined down on me! Additionally, on a weekend outing with my family, I was talking to my wife about how much I missed fishing and I would love to go on a fishing trip. A couple days later, without any prompting, I was invited to go on a fishing trip where I ended up having the time of my life! It was so relaxing and fun which made it great and to top it off I even caught two fish.

On a greater level, I’ve had a deep desire to for something good to happen to help my wife and I and our five kids, to begin our new life now that I am clean and sober. After thinking about this fora few weeks at South Orange County Detox & Treatment, I was given the possible opportunity to move to a place called the Village of Hope, where my family and I can get back on track with our lives. A place where I have a chance to get my G.E.D which I’ve always dreamed of and has never been a possibility. These are examples of the synchronistic spiritual events that are huge blessings to me since I have committed myself to sobriety. I believe that these things have happened for a reason and that reason is that God is looking out for me and my family as I begin to have more faith in His process and my future.