Finding Freedom in Laughter

Laughter freedom recovery.jpg

Laughter- the best medicine. When you’re unhappy as much as you don’t want to laugh, it alleviates so much tension. The chemicals it releases imitates the closest thing to a high from drugs, which is what a lot of us crave. Laughter always brings people closer together even if you aren't close. In my addiction it was so dark and sad, laughter was an uncommon occurrence. If anything it was fake laughter in an attempt to feel normal and put on a mask for others, maybe not to let people see the pain I’m really feeling. When I got sober, laughter felt so uncomfortable and unfamiliar. I wasn’t sure what the feeling was that was bubbling out of me. Was it okay to feel this? Sadness and depression is so much easier. When I got to the rooms and saw others doing so with such ease, I felt this weight lifted and this new happy and free way of life followed.