Practicing Humility in Early Recovery

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Humility to me is the loss of one’s pride. I often find humility in thinking of others before myself. Addiction is a selfish disease. It took a lot of humility for me to accept defeat, put my ego aside, and ask for help. Being newly sober, I have often been thinking about the effects my using and drinking has on those whom I love, primarily my son. Throughout the course of my addiction, my behaviors have lead me astray from any relationship with him, but I know that if I remain humble and willing to progress forward in my recovery, I will be able to establish a new and everlasting relationship in time. Maintaining sobriety has been difficult for me in the past, however I now am at an all-time low and have decided to take my recovery seriously. I now find myself engaged and open minded more than ever. I am willing to admit that I do not have all the answers and that I am not in control, God is. Throughout my stay at South Orange County Detox, I have noticed that being of service and supporting other’s that are struggling has given me strength. Although my progress may seem subtle to myself, it has been acknowledged that I am making huge strides towards being able to maintain long term sobriety. I am not perfect and react occasionally off impulse, but it is my awareness that is leading me to make immediate amends when I am in the wrong. I know that if I remain humble and grateful on a daily basis, I will be able to achieve everything this world has to offer.