Gratitude- Recovery Word of the Week

Gratitude- Recovery Word of the Week  South OC Detox & Treatment- 949-584-5927

Gratitude- Recovery Word of the Week

South OC Detox & Treatment- 949-584-5927

There’s been a question I’ve been asking myself repeatedly since getting sober - How many times have I taken all of life gifts for granted? Being able to reflect on this, I’ve realized I’ve taken almost everything for granted in a careless manner throughout life. I was raised in Southern Orange County and never had to ask for much - I was given everything and was thankful to an extent but never sincerely grateful. I was never mindful of just how truly lucky I am. 

I was raised in an alcoholic household where it was hard to be grateful for anything. The only thing I was grateful for were the times when I could escape the chaos and suffering of living at home. I found solace in my friends, my music and the determination to not be like my family. However, I was led awry. I eventually became what I despised - a drug addict and one for many years. I let my dreams and aspirations slip away. It wasn’t until I checked in to South Orange County Detox and Treatment (SOCD) when I was able to slowly tether myself back to my foundation, the core of who I truly am. 

Working with Salina has lifted the veil of uncertainty and doubt in which I was shrouded in for so long. I’ve learned to be grateful for every act of kindness, every lesson, every experience and just everything around me. I’ve learned that every experience, good or bad, gives me a gift in wisdom and growth, if I so choose to see the meaning behind it all. This shift is allowing me to approach life from a different angle, to view everything from a different perspective. I’m trying to be grateful for everything which I had taken for granted the past. I have my health, my mind, a newly regained sense of self, people who love and support me … I have life again. And for that, I'm grateful beyond words can describe.