Enthusiastic Connection

Group connection- SOCD.jpg

My enthusiasm comes from talking in a group of people and connecting on deeper ideas regarding life and recovery. I enjoy the energy of people getting together to better themselves. When I’m with people who want the same things out of life, my enthusiasm is heightened and the new relationships reinforce my desire for a new life of sobriety . It’s cool for me to see myself grow as someone new and to find my true self.  All of my life, I have had a problem with instant gratification, and my feelings of happiness were fleeting and would run out quickly. Today, I am working on finding authentic enthusiasm, therefore I try to pace myself, so that my energy and interests keep from dying off after the first release. I only let bits of energy out at a time to keep myself from getting that feeling of, “I can’t wait” that typically pushes forward my desire for immediate gratification. That part of me that has changed has been a big part of why I don’t feel a want to resort to my past old behaviors.