South Orange County Detox & Treatment Groups/Activities

Here at South OC Detox & Treatment one of the ways we provide a different approach to healing, is through the use of the arts and their abilities to bring out the deeper side of who we really are.  Below are some examples of the types of healing activities we provide.



Emotional sobriety group

Many people believe that alcohol and drug use are root of an alcoholic or drug addict’s problem. However, if we remove the alcohol and drugs, we remain emotionally and mentally far from normal. The root cause of our alcohol and drug use developed at some point in our lives through our own personal experiences. A lot of these experiences are triggered by family circumstances and or personal trauma. I have learned over the years that if such things are not dealt with professionally, we become subconscious to such events that will eventually lead to destruction.

These unfortunate circumstances create a loss of one’s self-identity generating a high want and need to feel accepted. We all long for acceptance. Attachment is one of our greatest desires yet abandonment is one of our greatest fears. We always tend to be seeking outside approval from others when acceptance of one’s true self is the answer. This was the hardest thing for me to do due to the lack of self-esteem I’ve had my whole life. My self-worth has always been little to none. I’ve hated myself for the longest time and never truly cared about myself until recently. Ironically, I have the biggest heart and care too much for others. I always found comfort in fixing other people that were broken to make me feel good about myself. I have let other edit my reality for far too long. Being able to take care of and genuinely care for myself is my main priority now and should be everyone’s main priority. The answer to this drug epidemic is not to eliminate all the drugs and dealers, but to simply improve certain family relationships happening under your own roof. Healthy communication and time spent together are two very important key factors for achieving this.

typology group

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. For who looks outside, dreams; but who looks inside, awakens.” –C.G. Jung. When looking at psychological types, it is helpful to understand what C.G Jung observed in his patient’s repetitive patterns of behavior that helped him delineate categories of personality functions in order to help them better understand their tendencies, strengths, and limitations.

Here in treatment, we use Carl Jung’s “Typology” theory as a psychological tool to help better understand why we sometimes do the things we do, why we get along better with certain people rather than others, why we struggle in areas where other people thrive, and most importantly, how we can change these sometimes unhealthy patterns of action into ones that can be more advantageous for each individual’s mind, body and spirit. For most of our clients, this group is an effective, and relatively easy method of coming to an understanding of the way we organize our mental and emotional world’s, with a better way of understanding these idiosyncratic differences between one another and within ourselves, we begin to learn techniques which help us adapt to the up’s and down’s of the rollercoaster that pushes forward addiction.



music therapy group

Music Therapy is used here at South OC Detox as a respite from the strain of fledgling clients worries, and a bridge to serenity through creativity. If for a moment in time one is relinquished from their own preconceived limitations, and encouraged to explore the unfamiliar freely, without any doubt that there is no distance between them and the innate purity of creativity, they will begin to understand that we are all composers. It began with the very first heartbeat. We strive to remind our clients that it is this heartbeat within them that can grow into a chorus and be a blessing to all they encounter, and inspire self-discovery.

Art Therapy Group

A unique aspect of South Orange County Detox and Treatment’s individualized programming includes an art therapy group guided by program director Salina Shuler. This art therapy group is much more intense and in-depth than simple expression of feelings through art. SOCDT’s art therapy group navigates through the client’s psyche to access hidden thoughts and emotions that stunt the client from achieving their full potential and maintaining sobriety. 



SOCD is a twelve-step program. We integrate different methods of healing but believe solely that the 12 steps are the building foundation to starting a new way of living. We provide weekly introductory meetings for each of the twelve traditions and steps, acclimating each of our clients new in recovery. We also offer 11th step morning meditations, N.A and A.A panels, and transport to outside meetings daily. We stress the importance of sponsorship and step work.


Here at SOCD, we believe it is important to expose our clients to the beach and its therapeutic abilities to bring the clients closer to nature in order to give them an experience in the oceans tranquil and serene environment. Beach walks and meditations are a part of our weekly schedule here at SOCD because we believe it is important to allow the clients to get out of the facility and enjoy the natural surroundings that San Clemente has to offer.

After the detoxification process is complete there is also the option to engage in surf lessons from our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Surfing has always been a past time centered around spirituality and powers greater than the individual riding the wave. Once finished with detox, we give clients a lesson in the sport. We explain the terminology of the ocean , how the ocean works, and what to expect their first time out. The lesson is accompanied by a brief mediation in order to center the clients before their paddle out. If the client chooses, future surf lessons are also an option. Surfing has always been a mystical experience and we have found that sharing this with others has always been a positive and moving experience.