Salina Shuler, MSW


Salina Shuler, MSW, President, CEO of South Orange County Detox and Treatment received a Master’s Degree from USC in 1999 and an honorary BA in Psychology from Chapman University in 1997. Salina has a unique and specialized approach in her addiction work that is rare and is at the core of her development of South Orange County Detox and Treatment. She believes that every addict has a gift that once revealed, and understood, will lead to the path of true self-discovery, peace, and healing. Here at South Orange County Detox and Treatment, Salina focuses on the strengths model of healing and recovery where she passionately helps people harvest a new life full of potential, growth and healthy living. Additionally, she has experience as a National Drug and Alcohol Interventionist as well completing 2-years of specialized Gestalt Therapy training with Effective Institute of Psychotherapy in Malibu, mastering Gestalt techniques that are utilized in all facets of her work.

“Salina is the most genuine and caring person that I know. She is extremely passionate about working with addicts. She puts her all into her work with clients, working through deep rooted issues each individual is struggling with. You can just tell she really cares about each and every person that comes to SOCD. She goes above and beyond to make sure the clients are comfortable and cared for. She creates a safe environment for anyone who needs help. The guidance that Salina offers comes from a place of genuine care for the addict recovering. Without Salina’s help throughout my recovery I don’t know where I would be today and I am extremely grateful for everything she has done, and continues to do for me”.- Socdetox 22-year old  Female Client