Awakening- Recovery "Word of the Week"


                                             Word of the Week: Awakening
Trying to find meaning in my life and in my existence recently helped me to realize that I’ve been abandoning my ideal, beliefs, and morals. Reminiscing and remembering my dreams, hopes, and visions as a child and the way I’ve been acting against those ideals led me to contemplate the meaning of why I’m here and what I have to offer. After realizing how poorly I’ve been treating others and myself, I’ve been struggling with the guilt and shame associated with my actions. I’ve had a sort of awakening of which I haven’t experienced before. Call it a spiritual awakening if you will. Since that experience, I’ve been trying to think, act, feel, and talk with purpose in hopes of attaining those hopes, dreams, and visions I had as a child

Perspective- Resolving Conflict


Being able to see all sides of a conflict, or a problem, is an important step and precursor to resolving arguments and conflicts thus attaining some level of serenity. Having a closed mind and a one-sided view of scenarios is always a sure-fire way of becoming angry, frustrated, sad, and resentful. It wasn’t until I was able to focus on perspective that I was able to let go of the negative emotions I had acquired throughout my addiction to drugs and alcohol. Often times my ego and stubbornness would tell me I’m right to think, act, and feel that I was always right and the party I was in conflict with was always wrong. However, now I make it a priority to keep an open mind and to think of perspective as a means to resolving conflict and making peace.

Perspective- A New Outlook

Perspective Recovery

In this life, perspective is seen in two forms, positive and negative. In my addiction I was walking with a backpack full of negative perspectives that outweighed any positive perceptions. Then, the day came where I decided to change my reality and surrendered to a process that involved living a drug free life. Working through the steps I started to unpack the negative perspectives and let go of my unhealthy delusional perceptions that used to pollute my thinking. My perceptions were no longer altered by drugs and alcohol resulting in a change to my quality of life. A positive perspective was born that emotionally and mentally influenced my perception. My negative backpack was empty and weightless. It is being refilled with positive tools that are weightless because my life is now seen in solution verses negative pollution. Do not entertain negative thinking, influence positive thinking and start believing.

Perspective- Word of the Week


Perspective is a huge part of my life. When I’m in my addiction my entire perspective and outlook on life changes entirely: my passion for doing things that I love dissipates and my point of view is dramatically negative. I get stuck in a close-minded bubble of negative energy. However, being clean and sober, my positive perspective on life increases tenfold. I start to look at the big picture and actually think positively about the future. While having a positive perspective my passion for astronomy, surfing, and music comes back. My mind opens and I see the world in bright colors. This is so important to me because it sets the foundation of my life. When I see things in a positive way, my actions are healthy and the energy is contagious.

Art Therapy- Wings to Fly in Sobriety


Art Therapy group has been a once-a-week tradition here at South Orange County Detox and Treatment from its inception. Art therapy is a unique and interesting way clients can use their creativity as a vehicle for expressing their innermost worlds and also a medium where they can, collectively, escape into new realities and emotions.

This week’s project had a simple yet hugely inspirational directive. The clients were instructed to create a Flying Creature to represent themselves taking to flight into new realms. On the Wings of this creature were words that indicated the attributes and inner qualities they would need to gain in their newfound sobriety in order to truly fly in life. This proved to be an enlightening group for the clients involved as they were each able to ponder what qualities they would need to continue, or in some cases, begin harvesting in order to really rise to their full potential and fully engage with their true selves.

Some of the attributes identified were necessary to begin the beginning steps of recovery such as willingness, open-mindedness, spirituality; all qualities that would help promote sobriety and acceptance at these early stages of recovery. The clients spoke about how these particular qualities were lacking or non-existent in recent times of their daily using routines. Other traits that they hoped to gain were related to bolstering their personality in order to change their entire disposition. They identified some of these as integrity, forgiveness, love, and honesty.  Finally, they listed some things that they hoped to repair or strengthen after they began working on themselves. They talked about reconnecting with family members, building relationships with healthy, sober friends, and spoke of finding a passion and calling in their lives.  The clients stated that this group was particularly helpful in putting into words and into art the things they might otherwise have a difficult time identifying if not prompted to really ponder. That is the beauty of art therapy; channeling sometimes unseen and unconscious feelings, thoughts, and wishes in order to express ones true-self that may not be so easily accessed.

Forgiveness- The Reward of Love

Forgiveness- The Reward of Love

“How the hell could I forgive after the pain that was inflicted on me” is that forgiveness is not forgetting or excusing the perpetrator’s actions, but rather loosening your control and grip on the rage and resentment associated with the act or event. When we are able to make it to this step of the process we find ourselves rewarded for this act of LOVE.

Forgiveness and Empathy


For me, forgiveness comes from a deep understanding of someone else’s life and the contributing factors that led him or her to act out in negative ways. Personally, I put myself in my enemy’s shoes and, from there, I decide my own comfortability of forgiving that person.  I ask myself how? And I ask myself why?   I feel that when I put myself in someone’s shoes, it helps me have the compassion I need to forgive that person… Sometimes I may never really forget the pain that person inflicted on me (whether justified or not), but I can understand enough to find some levels of forgiveness

Forgiveness- Forgiving Yourself in Sobriety

Forgiveness Recovery.jpg

Forgiveness is not something that has come easy to me at all throughout my life. It’s easy to hold grudges and resentments towards personal experiences we’ve gone through in our lives. It takes time and emotional growth to come to a state of mind where we can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. I believe that admitting and accepting our part in resentments is a key factor in the process of forgiving others. I also believe that getting to know our true self and growing in sobriety can only lead to the discovery that we are able to forgive ourselves. 

Forgiveness- Word of the Week

 "At South Orange County Detox & Treatment, I have learned to forgive myself, to work on my emotional sobriety, and to continue to grow as the strong healthy sober mom, daughter, niece, friend, human being that I was meant to be now and forever".

"At South Orange County Detox & Treatment, I have learned to forgive myself, to work on my emotional sobriety, and to continue to grow as the strong healthy sober mom, daughter, niece, friend, human being that I was meant to be now and forever".

Forgiveness is an extremely powerful word that I have learned needs to first apply to myself. I must first forgive myself to begin the healing and the process of moving forward in strength and honesty. This not to say that I'm not cut to the heart by what I have done in my drinking career, as that would make it way too easy to give myself a pass to drink again.  But, rather, when I don’t forgive myself,  I stay in my own pity party which inevitably leads me to drink and to reinforce the denial of my actions .

My Creator is quick to forgive and, we as humans are imperfect beings, judging harshly ourselves and others. My creator takes into account all things and does not bring to mind our past transgressions... If we truly turn around---He's not looking for wrong but instead searching for the Goodness in our Hearts. What a gracious thing....I can only compare this love to the I have for my children. I bonded with them from the moment I found out that I had life inside of me. I have been there through every step of their time on this earth and when they fall short, I never stop loving them. So, if I as an imperfect mother, I can have this level of love and forgiveness for them... Who am I to not forgive myself just as My Creator has Forgiven Me?

At South Orange County Detox & Treatment, I have learned to forgive myself, to work on my emotional sobriety, and to continue to grow as the strong healthy sober mom, daughter, niece, friend, human being that I was meant to be now and forever.