Appreciating Love & Positive Intention of Family in Recovery

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Keeping others intentions in mind is a big part of my recovery. Without doing so, it can easily lead me to feelings of anger and betrayal. When conversations or situations don’t go as planned, my mind can quickly turn to negative thinking and I forget that people do care about me, love me, and want the best for me. By not jumping to assumptions I am able to realize that their intentions were good and I stop myself from feeling self-doubt or angry.

Intention- Learning and Growing from Past Mistakes

In life it is important to know when both you and others have good intentions. You will come across situations where people’s intentions are to manipulate or hurt you. As you learn more about others, and yourself, it will be easier to identify negative intentions and you can separate yourself from them before being affected. Not being able to see negative intentions can cause harmful experiences in life. Making a mistake while intentions are pure are experiences to learn and grow from. I also need to make sure my intentions are pure and honest to keep important relationships close. Living an honest and pure lifestyle will attract positivity.

Pure Heart- Intention


In recovery I think as long as your intentions are not selfishly calculated, and are authentic and pure, mistakes should be looked at as good learning experiences. Now I make my decisions from the heart with pure intentions. Those who are selfishly calculated miss out on learning experiences and their recovery stays stunted and in an emotional delay. Letting go of selfish intentions helped me learn that by helping others and trying to understand them I get to see life in a different perspective. I’ve learned the difference between a selfish person verses a real friend. A real friend is someone who is unselfish and in tuned with helping me better myself. Intentions means everything to me, it really shows who is a good person and who isn’t. My friends today have my best interest and their intentions are pure.

Repairing the Rift Between Intention and Action

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Being able to repair the rift between intention and action is process that I’ve been working on as of late. I have a habit where I possess the greatest of intentions but have a propensity to not follow through with the action needed. I hold myself back from acting on my intentions because sometimes I worry about how people will perceive my actions or words and then I become insecure at the thought of rejection or judgement. When I do this, however, I chastise myself and regret being passive in those moments. Recently I’ve been making an effort to act on my intentions and not to let overthinking sway my behaviors and actions. I can’t progress or grow if I don’t change my old behavioral patterns but today I realize that procrastination, passivity and not following through with my intentions have never served me well. 

"I live my life today with good intentions only"

Good Intention.jpg

There are two types of intentions, good intentions and bad intentions. To have intention is to have a purpose or play a role towards somebody to seek or fulfill something. To have good intentions is asking the question, “how can I be helpful towards this person, or myself?” Good intentions benefits all those who are involved. Bad intentions are self-absorbed. To have bad intentions is to be selfish and seeking to gain personal pleasure by hurting or not caring for those involved. I live my life today with good intentions only. I’m learning to help myself and everyone around me. I intend to be a happier and healthier person by leaving my bad intentions in the past.

Intention-Planting A Seed for Action

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A person’s intention plants a seed for their actions. I believe it is important to know and understand my intentions. In active using, all of my intentions were to stay well and not get sick. I never intended to hurt my family, friends, or my daughter. Now that I am in recovery, Salina is helping me to understand my intentions. She also helps to decipher my intentions whether they are coming from genuine, true self or my false self, which brings back old behaviors. Recognizing my bad intentions helps me to understand when I am being manipulative even when I do not understand or see the way I am acting. My intentions now that I am clean are to purely become a great mother and a good person. I have created so much destruction in the lives around me, including my own; I intend to repair and create healthy relationships now.