Visionary Leadership

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Leadership to me is something you’re born with, a gift to look beyond the present moment and setting your sights on achievements. It’s a quality that helps develop social and psychological growth. When you are able to visualize what you want and turn that into a reality, and at the same time motivate people to do the same thing, that’s great leadership. Turning vision into reality. Accomplishing goals you have set for yourself or a company. Leadership means you crave change, wanting to always seek better ways of doing things or helping solve problems. Giving solution to situations that others would often avoid all together. Setting a positive example to the point where someone is inspired is great leadership. Now, there is a difference of being a visionary and a dreamer, a dreamer is someone who thinks about great ideas or plans, but never follows through with it. A visionary is someone who can turn his or her dreams into actuality, which to me shows amazing leadership. Creating the capacity to make this happen is unique and takes hard work and dedication. All qualities a leader should possess. “ A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”