A New Perspective on Awareness and My Addiction



Making the conscious decision to equip myself with the proper knowledge to become more aware of whichever subject at hand is something that remains at the forefront of my continued progress. Being well informed allows me to view any situation from a multitude of perspectives, which helps to develop an open-mind, and one that’s open to suggestion and possibilities. In certain areas awareness is not something that comes naturally to me. There are some areas where I have to develop awareness in order to better serve me. One that comes to mind is being aware that I’m never as in control as I think I am. I used to think that I as always in absolute control of my behaviors, actions and thoughts. I used to think that my past had no effect on my thoughts process, but now I’m aware of how past traumas, my family life and my personality played a role in my addiction, character defects and self-defeating behaviors. I’m grateful for SOCD for helping me become more aware and able to develop and mature. Only through the struggle of addiction, and with the help of SOCD, have I learned all of this; but today I stand better prepared and more equipped to deal with, and to be aware of, the struggles of life and how to utilize the tools I’ve been given.