Acceptance and Emotional Sobriety

Acceptance Recovery

Acceptance has been extremely important in my journey throughout recovery. My first step towards acceptance was accepting that I am not able to live a life that involves drugs and alcohol. In no way am I able to manage life when on any sort of substance; it’s just not possible. From there I had to accept other flaws, defects, and behaviors which held me back in life and I had to accept help and advice to progress in these areas. Realizing I’m not as in control of my life, as I thought, was a hard pill to swallow.

To acknowledge drugs and alcohol are only a symptom of the problem, the problems being my decision making, and reactions to people, places and things is also unsettling and unnerving. Acceptance can be difficult at times but its good practice on life’s terms. Unexpected scenarios and situations occur throughout life and I have been unable to handle these changes in plans and unmet expectations, recovery, and the program has allowed me to learn how to accept what life throws at me and hoe to have faith that I can persevere and overcome any obstacle or speed bump.

Today, acceptance is used in all aspects of my life. Whether it be accepting something as simple and as frustrating as traffic and just accepting whatever doesn’t go my way or how I expect it to go. I’ve learned to utilize acceptance whenever my ego peaks its head. I haven’t had a perfect track record in this practice but I can say for certain, that today I am living more in acceptance then at any other moment in my life and I see a correlation between happiness and acceptance