Finding Growth through the Wisdom of Others

wisdom women.jpg

In my recovery, learning how to be honest and trust in other people hasn’t been easy. In active addiction I lied and manipulated to get the things I wanted and I didn’t trust anyone because I didn’t trust myself. I was driven by complete selfishness and I had no knowledge of who I was or why I did the things that I did. I was lost without the knowledge of knowing how to take care of myself or how to live life on life’s terms. I found every excuse to ignore the person that I truly was inside because I was afraid of what I might find.

I came to treatment and I was guided by Salina, and in her efforts to help me face myself and work towards my goals, I had more knowledge of who I was, who I am and how I can work to change. The key to being able to grow was the knowledge and wisdom from her own experiences that made it possible for me to grow therapeutically and spiritually.

I also have found myself in the rooms of AA. I have been fortunate enough to be able to learn from women with long-term sobriety and hear the wisdom that they share on what they did to maintain long term sobriety. Their wisdom comes from AA, as well as years of taking suggestions from other women. My spiritual journey has been influenced and continuous because I have remained willing to listen and learn from women who have wisdom into the disease of addiction and the way that the brain works. Without coming to treatment and finding myself into the rooms, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn how to trust and grow through the wisdom of others.