Love at South Orange County Detox and Treatment



     When I was young love was a foreign word to me. Although my parents would shelter, feed, and take care of me, there was a lack of love. I thought this was a normal thing to be happening at this age. I soon realized how other children were not experiencing this. And this would trigger anger and rage. I grew up fighting, arguing, and rebelling which turned me into a negative mess.

     Fast forwarding I turned into a gang member and a violent criminal. Spending time in and out of jail, getting into unhealthy relationships and surrounding myself with very negative people. I was doing very badly with my life until I checked myself into South Orange County Detox and Treatment (SOCD) and met the Program Director, Salina Shuler.  She taught me tolerance, patience, loyalty, trust, and LOVE. I have never experienced that and since being shown these things, I’ve completely turned my outlook on life around. SOCD is teaching me how to be an honest man and move forward with positivity. I am forever grateful for South Orange County Detox & Treatment.