Rebuilding Trust in Recovery

Rebuliding Trust.jpg

When thinking of trust and someone struggling with substance abuse, your mind might automatically think about the damage and chaos created by the addict’s behaviors. “I don’t trust to leave my wallet around her”. “I don’t believe you are going to do what you say you will do”. If you are an addict, or know an addict, you are familiar with the lies, deception, and broken promises that shatter trust.  But, do we think about the broken trust the addict experienced? At South Orange County Detox & Treatment, clients are encouraged to share the situations they experienced that created their lack of trust. Often, a lack of trust arises from abuse, disloyalty, manipulation and fear. Learning to gain trust with the healthy people in a client’s life is an important part of recovery. Rebuilding trust in recovery requires courage to be honest about the pain we experienced, an open mind to explore the feelings this generated, and vulnerability to begin to trust again. Once trust is rebuilt and strengthened, relationships