Trusting in a New & Foreign Road in Recovery

New Road Trust.jpg

For myself, trust in recovery has played a big part in having faith and knowing that life is going to get better as long I maintained trust. Since this has played out to be true, my trust has grown. Since being in recovery, step by step I have placed my trust in places I normally wouldn’t. Trusting in Salina and emerging myself in her directions has been the one place I have not been let down.

The process of recovery isn't an easy road, but if trusted and done right, the risk is well worth the reward. My recovery wouldn’t be where it is today without pushing myself to put trust in foreign places. In recovery, sacrifices have to be made, whether they are uncomfortable or comfortable. When you learn to place trust in the process and acceptance of surrendering it gives you the freedom to live in the presence of now, instead of when and then.