Regaining Trust in Sobriety

regaining trust .jpg

The many years I spent residing in my addiction left me depleted and scattered; I was left questioning, “who am I?” Salina and SOCD have helped to restore and realign my moral compass and to help find my identity. Throughout this process I’ve come to the realization that trust has been lacking in my life and it affects me more than I’d like to see.

Addiction had poisoned me and left me untrustworthy. I had ruined every good relationship that meant something to me. Shame and guilt only worsened, eating away at me like vultures on a corpse. Not only was I untrustworthy but I couldn’t trust others, for my deceit and manipulations had infiltrated to my very core. I thought that since I was scheming and conning others must be doing the same to me. Now, with the right guidance I’ve been able to build and be a part of healthy and productive relationships- not only with others but also with myself. I’m able to be a good friend, a good son, and brother, who is dependable, helpful, and trusted. I’m able to take suggestions today because I trust those around me and trust that they have my best interest at heart. Most importantly I trust myself to accomplish my hopes, dreams and goals that I set today.