orange county

"Lighthouse" - Commitment SOCD Word of the Week


Envisioning what my ideal life looks like has led me to take commitment much more seriously than I ever have. I know that in order to accomplish my hopes and dreams I have to lay down a blueprint and take the necessary steps to achieve my end goal of gaining independence, respect, stability, self-worth and healthy relationships.  I’ve come to accept that I have to disregard the notion of immediate gratification and remember that nothing worth having comes easy. With great courage and perseverance, I know I wont falter or fail.  Staying committed is a daily practice and one in which progress is measurable. Although to the detriment of my aspirations, I have wallowed in self-pity times prior because I thought I was getting too late of a start in life. Today, however, I recognize that without persistence and setting short-term goals to meet, I know I’ll never see my dreams come true. I keep telling myself that I have to start somewhere and so the time is now. While pondering the significance of commitment and as a constant reminder to help recall my purpose, I view my vision as a lighthouse that guides me and gives reassurance that that vision is attainable if I stay on course.