Thanksgiving- Family

thanksgiving .jpg

Thanksgiving reminds me of family and bonding. This past year has been difficult but the place that I am in my life today is amazing. I have so much to be thankful for; I am thankful for the birth of my beautiful baby girl and I am thankful to have someone in my life, whom I am in love with. I am definitely thankful that Salina and all the staff at SOCD believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself.

Instead of focusing on the difficulties the past year has presented I try to focus on the amazing things that I do have going on and mainly my sobriety. I am excited to have this Thanksgiving with my friends and family and I am able to be present. My life is the way it is today because the work that I have put in as well as the work other people have invested in me. I used to dread the holidays, but now I couldn’t have more to be thankful for and I am blessed beyond belief.

Thanksgiving- South OC Detox & Treatment Word of the Week


As we approach Thanksgiving it has reminded me to remain grateful for my recovery. It’s so easy to take things for granted, and I can forget to appreciate the things I have and the people I have in my support system. This is the reason I compose a daily gratitude list, whether something as simple as the Sunset or the Clouds in the Sky or as Big as appreciating my Girlfriend, or a friend like Salina. It's important to write these things down daily, so I don’t forget the important aspects of my life.  Thanksgiving is a perfect time to remember everything that we have in life instead of the things we don’t have. Today, I’m Thankful for my Recovery and the People Surrounding Me.