Enthusiasm Inspired by Others

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I’ve learned that my enthusiasm is sparked by authentic connection with someone whom I respect.  I am inspired by the knowledge, wisdom, and authenticity of individuals I respect and it helps me naturally gain energy and connection. I think it’s important to show enthusiasm and authenticity in conversations, as it helps to inspire enthusiasm in others. Bringing this energy to the room helps everyone.


A New Life-Enthusiasm in Sobriety

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It is important for me to have enthusiasm when it comes to recovery, myself & my future. Without enthusiasm I become stagnant and I feel alone and I quickly could go right back to the hell I started-out in with drugs and alcohol.  If I didn’t continue to work on my recovery with enthusiasm, I wouldn’t be where I am today in my life. When I first got clean, South Orange County Detox & Treatment (SOCD) welcomed me with helping hands and kept me motivated to get sober.  As I progressed in treatment, SOCD provided me with a new enthusiasm for a better life and I made goals that I never thought were possible.   I began my education again, which I haven’t done since high school. Now, I have enthusiasm for studying for tests and keeping good grades, which I am very grateful for.

Within my relationships, I struggled in treatment and my step-work because I did not want to meet with family members.  I didn’t want to face my deeper issues and my wrongs.  I’ve always wanted to do the things that I told myself I couldn’t because of weakness.  I took Salina’s advice, worked with my therapist and sponsor, and I let go of my resentments and my fear of facing my wrongs.  Although it wasn’t easy,  I was able to mend my broken relationships with my family. I am not perfect by any means, but I do have enthusiasm when it comes to life and with the my help of sober community and SOCD, I have the support I need to keep on the right track.


Creativity Unlocked- Getting In Touch with My Inner Child

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As an artist, enthusiasm helps me realize that I’ve made a connection with my inner child. When I was a child my creativity flowed, but after being in the depths of my addiction, I’ve easily lost touch with my creativity and innocence. As an artist, I deeply desire to create art, instead of having to feel like it’s a job or a burden. Creating art shouldn’t have to be frustrating…it wasn’t when I was a kid. My spirituality allows my creativity to show itself, and when I’m with my inner child I’m living in the moment and forget about tomorrow.

Enthusiastic Connection

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My enthusiasm comes from talking in a group of people and connecting on deeper ideas regarding life and recovery. I enjoy the energy of people getting together to better themselves. When I’m with people who want the same things out of life, my enthusiasm is heightened and the new relationships reinforce my desire for a new life of sobriety . It’s cool for me to see myself grow as someone new and to find my true self.  All of my life, I have had a problem with instant gratification, and my feelings of happiness were fleeting and would run out quickly. Today, I am working on finding authentic enthusiasm, therefore I try to pace myself, so that my energy and interests keep from dying off after the first release. I only let bits of energy out at a time to keep myself from getting that feeling of, “I can’t wait” that typically pushes forward my desire for immediate gratification. That part of me that has changed has been a big part of why I don’t feel a want to resort to my past old behaviors.   

My Journey towards Enthusiasm for Life

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Enthusiasm is the ongoing energy supply tapped into the flow of life itself that can be a powerful tool If you choose to be aware and understand it. My enthusiasm today comes from a more positive force then when I was in active addiction. They say that “The Journey” is the “Only Arrival”.  All the ups and downs that led me to use in the past are all part of my journey and part of the process that has led me to my current state of enthusiasm for life and sobriety.   Today, I am grateful for the hard work that I have put into my journey and for the moments that I didn’t see paying off.  This new enthusiasm for a deeper meaning to life wouldn’t have been be possible without going through South Orange County Detox & Treatment. I have learned new things and have new interests, that in my addiction wouldn’t have been something I’d never find myself getting into. My enthusiasm towards life is a vital step in my recovery. I feel life is open to anything I want now that the “Gorillas off my Back”. My enthusiasm has become a treat.