Awareness and Making Better Life Choices

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Having awareness is crucial when you find yourself entering a situation or surrounding that you are unfamiliar with. Being aware before these events happen means you are aware of what you are doing or about to do. It is important to be aware of what is going on around you and how to react for yourself and the well-being of others. Life experiences will help you gain awareness (i.e., what is good or bad, what and whom to trust, and not to trust). If you are not aware of certain characters or situations without thinking of the consequences first, you’ll become vulnerable for others to take advantage of. It is important to be aware of everything that happens in your life to gain the knowledge needed to help make better choices in the future.

Awareness of my Thoughts and Feelings

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Having good awareness is very important to me. It allows me to continue my recovery in the healthiest way possible. Being aware of the feelings and thoughts I am having enables me to deal with them as they occur instead of having them fester inside of me. I am able to reflect on and talk about my thoughts and feelings giving me clarity as well as find solutions to problematic situations in my life

"Today, I'm a New Man"- Awareness of Growth in Recovery

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Having good awareness is key to have throughout your life in order to not create preventable chaos in your life and even can be used for survival. For example, having good awareness for the things you say because you can offend or hurt people. Having awareness in recovery can also be important because we as addicts, or myself, can be extremely manipulative and need to be aware of what our intentions are. It is important to have good awareness in recovery because you need to always remember your surroundings and the people that you surround yourself with have to be completely different from the people that you once thought were your positive friends and peers and stay away from the old neighborhood where you use in, at least for the first couple months. It is important to have good awareness and always practice influencing others to do the today. I am aware that I am not the person I was yesterday. Today I’m a new man.


A New Perspective on Awareness and My Addiction



Making the conscious decision to equip myself with the proper knowledge to become more aware of whichever subject at hand is something that remains at the forefront of my continued progress. Being well informed allows me to view any situation from a multitude of perspectives, which helps to develop an open-mind, and one that’s open to suggestion and possibilities. In certain areas awareness is not something that comes naturally to me. There are some areas where I have to develop awareness in order to better serve me. One that comes to mind is being aware that I’m never as in control as I think I am. I used to think that I as always in absolute control of my behaviors, actions and thoughts. I used to think that my past had no effect on my thoughts process, but now I’m aware of how past traumas, my family life and my personality played a role in my addiction, character defects and self-defeating behaviors. I’m grateful for SOCD for helping me become more aware and able to develop and mature. Only through the struggle of addiction, and with the help of SOCD, have I learned all of this; but today I stand better prepared and more equipped to deal with, and to be aware of, the struggles of life and how to utilize the tools I’ve been given. 

Awareness-Viewing the World in a Whole New Light

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Becoming aware of oneself is one of the scariest and one of the most beautiful processes a person can undergo. It is easy to develop multiple defense mechanisms to hide and mask trauma that has been experienced throughout a lifetime. However, this becomes problematic as these defense mechanisms does not allow one receive and accept criticism and will leave one stuck with unresolved conflicts, resulting in the restraining of personal growth. Becoming aware of bottled up resentments, anger, and fear will allow a person to understand and ultimately accept that changes need to be made towards their behavior. Being aware will help an individual realize that conflicts sometimes arise due to one’s own projecting and displacement. Understanding one’s own responsibility is crucial to emotional growth. This sometimes mean for one to become vulnerable and seek help. However, becoming vulnerable and allowing oneself to accept help is not weakness; it is becoming aware that there is an issue that needs resolving that can not be done alone. Allowing oneself to become vulnerable is not an easy pattern to break, but it is beautiful. Once a person has come to terms with accepting help the outcome is magical. It is becoming aware that each battle does not have to be fought alone. It is becoming aware that there are people who care and offer their support.  It is becoming aware that a person’s past does not predetermine their future.  In order to truly learn and grow one must become aware and come to peace with their whole self. This awareness is when a person begins to flourish and view the world in a whole new light.

Self-Awareness and Enlightenment

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To me, awareness in recovery, means being in-tune with my character defects that have taken me out in the past and being open to deeply looking into them. Awareness in recovery is about being aware of how I affect others in recovery; whether positively helping someone or hurting them.  I think a balance of awareness is the most important part of recovery. And, in the end, being aware of everything brings me to a place of enlightenment.

The part of awareness that sticks out to me the most is the fact that once I'm aware of things the I wasn't aware of before, I can never unlearn what I have already learned. Being aware of myself in recovery is awesome because I become aware to the point where I see my old behaviors as embarrassing and I start to enjoy the moments where I notice my awareness enlighten and I start to get excited for the new moments. Awareness in recovery is the key to helping further my sobriety. With this point in mind, I see that awareness begins with humility; a lot of understanding: along with mental growth.   Awareness doesn’t happen overnight but when it does, life reaches new points that actually matter.

Self-Awareness- Making Changes for Me & My Daughter

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For myself, I grew up being very aware of what was going on around me. I learned very quickly how people reacted to things. But the thing is, I have always been unaware of myself; unaware of how to work through my thoughts and emotions. This made it near impossible to begin to change the way I behaved or reacted to the world. My entire life I have felt out of control in my head and I could never understand myself. This has always led me to repressing everything, and using drugs to cope or mask my pain.

Today, I'm grateful to have experienced the life as I did, because now I can now see the world for what it really is, and I am able to make changes for myself and for my daughter. I have the opportunity to teach her how to be aware and to cope with life better than I did. And, this all leads back to the therapy I have experienced that has helped me to grow and see myself for who I am. I have become more aware with each day; I take my experiences and try to learn from them as they come. Being aware is important in this life, but self-awareness sheds light on your true self and your false self, which helps you grow to be who you truly are.