Laughter- Enjoying Moments with A Smile on My Face

smile laugh surf.jpg

Laughter helps heal strong irrational negative emotions. When I find myself stuck mad at situations or people, a good laugh helps me see past the rage that blinds me. Laughter reminds me to not take people, places or things so seriously. It’s nice to look back at moments that made me mad and be able to reflect on them with the help of laughter. I feel that life is only long enough to get truly good at one thing let alone two. And when I’m stuck not being able to have a laugh, my time spent angry seems to not be as valuable as moments with a smile on my face. Trying to progress in life without a smile on my face doesn’t seem to help me get any better. But when I’m related and in-tuned with a smile, I find myself getting better at whatever it is I’m doing. No matter what it is, action sports or recovery, my quality of life without laughter doesn’t compare to my quality of life with laughter.