Art- Word of the Week

Art Alex.jpg

Art is a beautiful thing and has been an amazing tool in my recovery, when I feel lost, lonely, upset, resentful, I can draw or journal and see all sides of things and truly express myself. I am able to see things that my conscious can’t, and unconsciously draw or write them down and be able to process through my emotions.  While I was in active addiction, I never really appreciated the beauty in art; not just paintings, or pictures, but all forms of art. Art has so many different forms from drawing or painting, to music, dancing, acting, or photography.  For me, I see some form of art in almost all aspects of my life. In my eyes, every human being can be a artist in some form by expressing themselves and being creative in their own way. I always thought I was a horrible artist, I can’t draw, I can’t paint, I can’t sing, but I know I have a creative side, and I could not see that or appreciate it until I got sober.

One of the most amazing thing’s I have ever been a part of here at South Orange County Detox and Treatment is Salina's Art Group. It is so amazing to be able to process my emotions that sometimes I didn’t even know were there. To see what I unconsciously create and how it can all tie together to my emotions or feelings in that moment. It truly is amazing how art can show so many different things that you did not even know you were feeling. That is Salina’s Art, being able to process art with everyone at South Orange County Detox & Treatment and help bring their creative sides out and help them along the way. Art and being creative has been such a great tool in my sobriety, and even though I am not the greatest artist ever, I can still express myself in way I could never do verbally.