Reflections on Wisdom

Wisdom cannot be a factor in my life when I am drinking but when sober, I like to think I have at least a small amount of wisdom.   I have always had close friends that have or are old enough to be my father and some old enough to be my grandfather. I learn much from being around older men who have already been through life.

Wisdom, being one of God’s greatest attributes helps me understand how valuable this quality is. When I think of the term “wisdom”, I immediately think of Mahatma Gandhi and wise King Solomon. Gandhi had several of the most well known quotes to date. He was not only wise but very intelligent as well. His wisdom came from his training, observation, patience and love for all mankind. His hope was that all men/women would use Jesus Christ as an example, although being Buddhist and not a Christian, he thoughts outside the box.

Next, wise King Solomon was known as the wisest person on Earth for a long period of time and accomplishing many, many great achievements. Wisdom to me is not just knowledge but the ability to think things through. Never saying or doing anything before considering any consequences, whether good or bad. Always considering other’s views, belief’s and feelings. I do believe that wisdom comes from life’s experiences, age, humility (the willingness to learn from others).

I also believe that in order to achieve wisdom you must seek it out. Wisdom is not for everyone, that’s for sure. The questions, especially for people who are recovering from addiction are:

1. Do I have morals?

2. Do I recognize right from wrong and do I personally listen

& act upon this?

3. Do I consider others as important as myself?

4. Is it my job or place to judge anyone else?

5. Does wisdom have anything to do with selfishness

or haughtiness?

6. Do I take advantage of others or bad situations?

7. Am I a selfish or a stingy person?

Final thought: “A truly wise individual must have values, integrity and exercise humility (the willingness to learn and be taught). Accepting constructive criticism from our peers and others. A wise person is someone I hope to be some day. This quality takes effort and work.