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This weeks word of the week Perseverance is extremely necessary, and relatable to the program and recovery. Perseverance is remaining persistent and steadfast through any obstacles, difficulties, or even discouragements. It’s easy to self-doubt yourself when going through any hardship you’ve never experienced before or even one you have and failed many times at. Perseverance is a thought and an action, which when practiced over and over, creates new neurological pathways in your brain which, when practiced enough, creates new healthy habits.  When new neurological pathways and healthy habits are created, this changes the brains routing structure and can kill old and bad habits. The 12-step program uses this very same concept when you find a sponsor and he advises you to 30 meetings in 30 days. What he is doing here is simply rewiring you brain so that you create healthier habits.

Perseverance is essential in all areas of life, some for the good and some for the bad. How do you think you got started being a drug addict? Years and Years of repeated behavior, creating new neural pathways.  Today however, we have the wherewithal and knowledge to use this tool/technique to benefit us to allow ourselves to live fuller, more meaningful lives. So whenever you’re going though a rough time and you’re not sure if you can make it; If you think you’re just too used to the life you’ve been living … remember that there is a scientific tool that is proven to work that can change your old self-defeating behaviors.  IT’s just the same concept as, “practice makes perfect” and if you want to get better at something you will find the best and shortest way to make yourself most efficient.