Learning Patience in Recovery

Patience WOTW.jpg

Patience was not a word in my vocabulary before I got sober. When I was in my active addiction, I was just like any other addict, entitled, selfish, self-seeking, and had no patience at all. I wanted that instant gratification and I would go to any lengths to get whatever fix I was chasing and wanted it immediately. When I first got sober I was still the same way, I wanted to be sober but I also wanted it right away without putting any of the work in. I wanted all the material things and I wanted that happiness that I saw most other people in recovery had, or seemed to have. I wanted my life back right away and wanted that instant gratification without being patient and putting the work in. It took years for me to burn all the bridges and loose most of my relationships, loose people's trust, and become a bad person. Initially, I didn’t think it should take time to rebuild those relationships; thinking that just because I went to treatment and got sober that people should accept me back in their lives. Patience has been a great thing for me to learn in recovery because it has shown me how to work for something, how to have patience with people, and how to be a better friend, which has overall made me more calm and able to think things through decisions without being impulsive. Although I am not patient all of the time and still have much to work on within myself, I have defiantly grown a lot since first entering recovery and have defiantly become more patient with myself, my peers, my family and friends and overall everyone and every situation in my life and for that I am grateful for.