The Joyous Aura of Music-Bringing People Together

music doesnt discriminate.jpg

On the surface music is an image of entertainment, but when looked closer music has various meanings. For those who create music, it is freedom of expression. Music can be meaningful filled with memories or even a stress reliever. It holds the power to bring different groups of people together bonding in its perfect harmonies.

Music is art. Each person holds and envisions a masterpiece tailored to their creativity and feelings. With music there are now boundaries. One is allowed to create whatever they see fit. This freedom of expression allows a person to tap into their imagination composing their vision into sound and painted with words. Therefore allowing the artist’s feelings and emotions to be shared with others who embody the same sentimental value.           

The amazing thing about music is that it will bring back the fondest memories acting as an audio memory book. A memory could fade for months, even years, but as soon as a particular song is heard it is like reliving that very moment. With this memory come all the joyous emotions that are associated. Reminiscing the happy memories, as if they recently occurred, creates a joy that is dear to the heart.

The beauty of music is that it does not discriminate. There are various genres of music that has no restrictions. Each person is equally allowed to enjoy music no matter his or her age, sex, race, religion affiliation, or sexual orientation. Music is a peaceful experience. What I have learned from attending concerts is that there are people from various different backgrounds who want to enjoy the same emotions. Although we may not all look the same, music allows us to feel the same. Music creates a joyous aura that speaks to the soul.