Moral Compass- Character in Recovery


Morals, Traits, and Qualities. They’re what the character is constructed of and areas which my addiction left in shambles. My addiction left me a shell of a man and someone I didn’t even personally like. I developed character defects that were subversive to my well-being. I became a liar, untrustworthy, passive, self-pitying, and irresponsible. I became everything I despised in other people who possessed those flaws. However horrible those experiences that allowed my character to be emerged with these defects and imperfections, they drove me to come to SOCD to receive and follow the advice of Salina. She’s helped to an extent with which words cannot describe. She’s pushed me along and has helped many of my defects wane through her effort and insight. Salina has helped me work on being responsible, assertive and direct, trustworthy, dependable, and true to myself. I’ve gained a healthier sense of self-esteem, self-worth, and dignity. I’m actually proud and confident. When I think of the character I had as compared to the character I have now, I notice tremendous differences. Today I am no longer overflowing with selfishness. I am not lying, stealing, manipulating, or being intentionally dishonest. I’m trying to bridge that gap between who I portray and how I act with effort, energy, and consistency. My addictions left my scales of character tipping. My moral compass was broken and heading me down the path I didn’t intend on going. Over the last 5 months my scales of character and my moral compass have re-calibrated. I’m back on the path I’m supposed to be on to get where I want to be.