VISION- My Dream to become an Artist in the Music Industry


After I got sober, my vision for myself was recreated. In sobriety, I'm at a place where my brain is  able to conceptualize the bigger picture that life has to offer me if I choose it. Desperation was a gift for me...I started to remember old dreams of myself that I had let go because of fear and anxiety. I’m choosing to push myself and not let fear cripple my vision. Since I have been more open to this reality, I have begun to push myself through the anxiety of public speaking and performing, however, I have the vision of being an musical artist.  I have started to practice singing in front of people, and even though the group I’m singing in front of is small, I feel proud of myself for starting somewhere. Whereas in the past, I never would’ve done something that I was scared of even if it meant accomplishing something that I wanted for myself. My vision has changed to focus on old dreams that are now coming out as new ones again. This time, however, I am going to continue to push myself to the standard of the vision I have for my dream to become an artist in the music industry.