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Leadership is a quality that I believe all possess and one which holds tremendous weight and sway. It’s a quality that has the power to guide and direct oneself and others to a place of purpose and sense of belonging. As I’m becoming more self-aware I’m beginning to notice my leadership traits blossom. I’m starting to accept becoming a leader for the benefit of myself and others. Stepping into the role of a leader helps to make me more aware of my relationships with others and helps to hold me accountable. I know that I may have influence of others and that I can make a difference in their lives and mine. Being in that position of influence and sway, when used the right way, can help motivate people to do the right thing and instill purpose and compassion. Being a good leader has the ability to empower others and can determine the quality of positive energy within a group, community, or country. How someone behaves in a positions of power says much about one’s character. But, thanks in large part to integrating the 12 steps, I can be assured that my leadership will maintain a high level of integrity.