Leadership- Fading Away from Being a Follower

Leadership in recovery, to me, means taking a risk, or a first step into something, before anyone else and without anyone forcing the lead. To be able to guide yourself first, so that guiding others and showing them the way, is in fact possible. In recovery, I get inspired by people who display strong leadership. Because I have felt like a follower most my life. Seeing the strength and independence of a leader in sobriety, only adds to the yearn and want to be the best person possible. Being independent and being a leader or some of the things I want in my sobriety, so that I  can teach my daughter to be a leader and not a follower. Because being a follower only ended in bad situations and gave me a lack of confidence. Now that I am sober, I can learn how to fade away from being a follower and grow into being independent and a leader.