"Today, I'm a New Man"- Awareness of Growth in Recovery

Awareness New.jpg

Having good awareness is key to have throughout your life in order to not create preventable chaos in your life and even can be used for survival. For example, having good awareness for the things you say because you can offend or hurt people. Having awareness in recovery can also be important because we as addicts, or myself, can be extremely manipulative and need to be aware of what our intentions are. It is important to have good awareness in recovery because you need to always remember your surroundings and the people that you surround yourself with have to be completely different from the people that you once thought were your positive friends and peers and stay away from the old neighborhood where you use in, at least for the first couple months. It is important to have good awareness and always practice influencing others to do the today. I am aware that I am not the person I was yesterday. Today I’m a new man.