Loyalty- A New Sense of Power in Sobriety

loyalty south orange county detox.jpg

When I think of the word loyalty I immediately am taken to a place where I once was distorted in my thinking of the word. I used to think that loyalty was a strong sense of commitment to people that was based in trust. That is didn’t matter if the people were wrong or right, or if it was good or bad for the person that I am being loyal too, that the only thing that mattered was that I had their back 100% no matter what. Now that I am working on myself I see the word loyalty in a different light. I see the word as a bond of connection to someone because it comes from a place of respect. It isn’t an unfounded respect that stems from a place of fear or convoluted moral foundations. I try to have loyalty towards my wife, friends, and role models because I have respect for them and value them so much that I am willing to hold them accountable to help them grow when I see them struggling. My sense of the word has grown exponentially since getting sober and healthy. The word holds a new sense of power that comes from a healthy level of respect.