Self-Awareness and Enlightenment

awareness wave.jpg

To me, awareness in recovery, means being in-tune with my character defects that have taken me out in the past and being open to deeply looking into them. Awareness in recovery is about being aware of how I affect others in recovery; whether positively helping someone or hurting them.  I think a balance of awareness is the most important part of recovery. And, in the end, being aware of everything brings me to a place of enlightenment.

The part of awareness that sticks out to me the most is the fact that once I'm aware of things the I wasn't aware of before, I can never unlearn what I have already learned. Being aware of myself in recovery is awesome because I become aware to the point where I see my old behaviors as embarrassing and I start to enjoy the moments where I notice my awareness enlighten and I start to get excited for the new moments. Awareness in recovery is the key to helping further my sobriety. With this point in mind, I see that awareness begins with humility; a lot of understanding: along with mental growth.   Awareness doesn’t happen overnight but when it does, life reaches new points that actually matter.