Awareness-Viewing the World in a Whole New Light

awareness trauma future.jpg

Becoming aware of oneself is one of the scariest and one of the most beautiful processes a person can undergo. It is easy to develop multiple defense mechanisms to hide and mask trauma that has been experienced throughout a lifetime. However, this becomes problematic as these defense mechanisms does not allow one receive and accept criticism and will leave one stuck with unresolved conflicts, resulting in the restraining of personal growth. Becoming aware of bottled up resentments, anger, and fear will allow a person to understand and ultimately accept that changes need to be made towards their behavior. Being aware will help an individual realize that conflicts sometimes arise due to one’s own projecting and displacement. Understanding one’s own responsibility is crucial to emotional growth. This sometimes mean for one to become vulnerable and seek help. However, becoming vulnerable and allowing oneself to accept help is not weakness; it is becoming aware that there is an issue that needs resolving that can not be done alone. Allowing oneself to become vulnerable is not an easy pattern to break, but it is beautiful. Once a person has come to terms with accepting help the outcome is magical. It is becoming aware that each battle does not have to be fought alone. It is becoming aware that there are people who care and offer their support.  It is becoming aware that a person’s past does not predetermine their future.  In order to truly learn and grow one must become aware and come to peace with their whole self. This awareness is when a person begins to flourish and view the world in a whole new light.