Grief- Recovery Word of the Week

grief recovery.jpg

This week, we are highlighting a new word to examine; “grief” will be the focus of our ongoing Word of the Week series. We have talked a lot here about themes that most if not all of us have experienced or will experience throughout our lives and our journeys in recovery. Grief is no exception as it is a universal experience that all of us either have already gone though, or will inevitably suffer at one point in our lives. The ability to cope and manage one’s grief is an invaluable “skill” in one’s emotional repertoire, unfortunately however, honing this “skill” requires that we experience loss which, obviously, is not an adequate practice ground for an experience that incites such overwhelming, negative emotions. Considering that the grieving process can be such a destabilizing event, it makes sense that we ought to engage in whatever preparatory actions we can before we need to inevitably go through this arduous journey. The prescription I am suggesting is that we work an intense, honest, and thorough recovery program so that when difficult times arise, we can have the courage and strength to face life’s difficulties head on.