Fear of Failure

Fear- Recovery Word of the Week  South OC Detox & Treatment- 949-584-5927

Fear- Recovery Word of the Week

South OC Detox & Treatment- 949-584-5927

Fear has driven me to walk away from many chances and choices in life and has ultimately given me a much harder life because of it.  When I was young, I was a great student who would get straight A’s. As soon as I got a taste of High School, drugs and girls, my grades started to drop. I failed every class, even my PE class.  After 9th grade I left and decided to try and go for my GED because of problems going on in my personal life. Although I finally achieved the GED, the fact that it still wasn’t a high school diploma and the grades that I got during high school effected the way I looked at my future.  Because of this fear of failure I decided to not go to college and I refused to do anything that had to do with education because I know how it felt to fail that one time as I convinced myself that that would always be my life.  This was a huge mistake because it took me a decade to even begin to think of my future again. That fear that I was a failure was a farce and I didn’t realize it until I actually overcame that feeling and took the first step.  Now that I have gotten over my fear I can finally move forward with my life which.  This is what I am now doing and I am getting good grades in my adult life and finally continuing my education.  Fear is the number one showstopper for any one and the only way to move forward completely is to let go.