Faith- Believing in Something You Can't See

faith higher power.jpg

I feel so used to instant gratification that having faith in anything hasn’t been easy for me. By definition faith is “believing in something that you can’t see.” Growing up I defiantly developed trust issues. It takes me some time to trust others and to trust myself. Once I entered recovery and surrendered to the process, I stopped fighting everything and slowly I began to have faith in the people around me who were trying to help me succeed and started to have faith in God. Now that I have 6-months of sobriety, I have learned to have faith in the things I don’t understand in the moment. Little by little I’ve seen things change and what used to make no sense to has started to make sense. I don’t pray religiously but I do pray weekly to my higher power whom I call God. I may not be the best Christian but I do believe that synchronicity is God’s way of speaking to me. Without having faith, I never would have known to look at life like that. My life, without faith left me ungrateful and in-turn was meaningless, unfulfilling and boring. Today, I feel happier and more connected with a faithful out look on life. I feel that anyone who chooses not to have faith doesn’t realize how much life is better having faith in a higher power.