My Journey towards Enthusiasm for Life

Journey Skateboard.jpg


Enthusiasm is the ongoing energy supply tapped into the flow of life itself that can be a powerful tool If you choose to be aware and understand it. My enthusiasm today comes from a more positive force then when I was in active addiction. They say that “The Journey” is the “Only Arrival”.  All the ups and downs that led me to use in the past are all part of my journey and part of the process that has led me to my current state of enthusiasm for life and sobriety.   Today, I am grateful for the hard work that I have put into my journey and for the moments that I didn’t see paying off.  This new enthusiasm for a deeper meaning to life wouldn’t have been be possible without going through South Orange County Detox & Treatment. I have learned new things and have new interests, that in my addiction wouldn’t have been something I’d never find myself getting into. My enthusiasm towards life is a vital step in my recovery. I feel life is open to anything I want now that the “Gorillas off my Back”. My enthusiasm has become a treat.