Flight of Hope

"Exhale your fear and breath in  HOPE,  for there is light despite all the darkness"

"Exhale your fear and breath in HOPE, for there is light despite all the darkness"

Flight to Freedom

Despite all of the darkness, the captain of a plane sees the light on the other side of the stormy clouds despite the visual conditions. On a dark stormy night, he’s isn’t blind to the condition of the weather but through hope in himself and his abilities, he knows that the flight will be successful.  With every test, he reminds himself of his skills and worth and that through every challenge that he will be faced with in the sky, he will be that much stronger if he continues to keep his focus on hope in himself and in his higher power.  Hope that with every challenge or struggle, the outcome will enhance his ability to help others travel to the places they need & want to go.  The turbulent weather doesn’t stop him from carrying on with the flight. He starts the engines, with determination and confidence, guiding the passengers through their own doubts and worries with word of encouragement that despite the turbulence, to have peace; “to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride”. The flight has smooth moments, shaky moments, and is unpredictable throughout, but the passengers maintain hope and faith the captain to get them through the storm.  In the end, what was hoped for, becomes a reality. A smooth landing and the arrival to the destination of where they passengers want or need to be, show that despite the risk, hope from the captain and passengers got them through the stormy flight.

            This story can be used as a reminder to the ones who are considering getting sober or who are in early stages of recovery. Through all the pain and the struggle that comes along with substance abuse, having Hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel will help us fight through the difficult times and allow us to continue the journey of sobriety. Our current circumstances do not define our future, we just have to decide for ourselves that we deserve more and are worth more than we are now. Having Hope that our sunny days will come, will allow us to trudge this road of recovery even when our addiction is telling us we are not worthy. We are not what has happened to us, but are who we choose to become. Exhale your fear and breath in HOPE, for there is light despite all the darkness!