A Positive Vision for the Future

Vision Alex.jpg

The definition of the word “vision” is the  state of being able to see. While I was in my active addiction, I could see but, only the things that I wanted to see.  My view on things, and how I was always right was clouded by my drug-use and selfish ways.   The thing I couldn't see was an actual “vision” for myself. I couldn't see my future or my potential. I had no goals, no aspirations, no motivation, other then to stay well and get my next fix. Today, after getting clean and sober, the meaning of the word “vision” has changed for me drastically. I can finally see a vision for myself in a positive way.  I can vision a beautiful life for myself and I know I can obtain my goals as long as I stay clean. Today, I am able to continue to look forward and move forward rather then living in my past.  I'm able to live in the moment and be present, while still having a clear vision for my future.