Turning Your Dreams Into Reality through Failure, Hard-work & Determination

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To have a dream is to have a vision of achieving a goal. However, to some individuals, like myself, there is an emphasis that is focused on being secure. This sense of security halts a dream in order to avoid failure. Being afraid to fail fills individuals with self-doubt. Wishing to avoid failure is to avoid a dream altogether. To be successful failure is inevitable. Achieving a dream is not an easy path. The differentiating factor for those who are successful and those who are not successful is the willingness to continue to persevere after failure. To dream is to face failure with an open mind and to perceive failure as a learning experience. Being said, dreams are not impossible, but they do require hard work, determination, perseverance and courage. Dreamers are falsely identified as impractical; but what is impractical is the idea that one can achieve their dream merely by wishful thinking. Others might try to discourage you, or not believe in you, but as long as you believe in yourself achieving your dream is possible. One great example that recently came to my attention is the story of Andre Ingram. Ingram dreamed to play in the NBA but was not skilled enough. However, Ingram did not give up this dream. He continued to play in the G-league in hopes to pursue his dream of someday playing in the NBA. It was not until 10 years later, Ingram finally fulfilled his dream of playing in the NBA and was contracted to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. After 10 years of pursuing his dream it finally came true. Thomas Edison quoted “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” I believe this quote is true to many. In a fast pace society, we are so entitled and want instant gratification. If the instant gratification is not achieved people tend to lose interest and give up. This lack of perseverance makes achieving a dream impossible. I personally think the mind is our most powerful tool. Once sharpened there is no telling what we are capable of. But it is all dependent upon oneself.  If a dream is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse; so, how bad do you want it?