Dreams- Word of the Week


South Orange County Detox & Treatment’s Word of the Week series continues as we take an element from this week’s Art Therapy and draw inspiration from that; the word we are highlighting is “dreams”. The clients focused their energies this week on imagining what their ideal lives would look like should they continue on their path of sobriety, spiritual growth, and personal evolution. So much of recovery is focused on what is happening right now, and it ought to be. That being said, we also need to make a little bit of room for the formulation of dreams so that we have something to aspire to down the road. Everyone had different conceptions of what their particular “dream” life would look like but the common thread weaving throughout these boards was a sense of hope and imagination for lives that they have yet to live, but lives that are within their grasp. While some people subscribe to the notion that merely putting out positive intentions into the universe will somehow facilitate the coming to fruition of these dreams, however, I believe that is something lazy and unmotivated people say. The cold, hard reality for those of us in recovery, and even those of us who aren’t, is that if we want the house on the beach, the fast car, the happy family, the great career, or even sometimes in our case, the simplicity of a sober lifestyle free from bondage to our addiction, it is going to take effort, commitment, patience, and willingness. A quote referenced quite often here at SOCD is Carl Jung stating that, “Your vision will come true only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.” The reason I bring this up is I think it is worth examining what he meant by this. When we look to the outside world for validation, confirmation, enlightenment, and self-esteem, we will always be let down and our dreams will remain just that, nothing more than a fantasy. If, however, we choose to address the source of our pain, anguish, and suffering, then we can begin to awaken to the reality of what has been holding us back all along, ourselves. The reason I believe the focus on dreams was so crucial and necessary here at SOCD is because we encourage our clients to “awaken” the living spirit within themselves here daily through actions and not simply through words. We hold our clients accountable even when they may not like it. We do this because we know that these goals and aspirations will go nowhere beyond the poster board that was used to create these dream boards if they are not focusing on improving themselves, their relationships with others, and the quality of their lives in sobriety. A dream doesn’t become a reality through a magic, alchemical process; a dream only becomes a reality through effort, dedication, commitment, and in the case of us addicts, through sobriety. “The only way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”