Finding Hope in My Dreams

dream hope future .jpg

With 5 months of sobriety approaching, I have been able to notice the clarity in my thinking and a deeper understanding of my identity. A part of myself that I suppressed for so long throughout my addiction. Residing in that self-imposed exile where my false-self was conquering over my true-self, I gave up on my hopes and dreams that I had once cherished so dearly. With the help of Salina and SOCD, I’ve been able to envision what my ideal life looks like and I can finally see the blueprint of how to arrive there. I’m better able to realize the essentials of a full and meaningful life and understand the importance of having balance in all areas of life. Now that I have clarity and faith that everything that happens throughout my journey is meant to happen, I feel more at ease. Now that I have a dream I feel more confident. I know I must have a vision, because where this is no vision, there is no hope.