Finding Strength through Art

Art Recovery 2.jpg

Art has the ability to show things that words and writing cant express. It brings out the subconscious and unconscious parts of the brain, sometimes to show what I am really feeling and thinking. Art therapy bring that to light for me. I am able to express myself, and able to have others analyze and share their view of it. Art therapy has taken me many places; from childhood, all the way through adult hood. It brings out topics and emotions that I never thought would discuss. But it has truly helped me grow emotionally and mentally, thanks to Salina. Not only does it help me with myself, but it also helps me to work through guilt or shame that I experience as a mother in recovery. It helps me gain strength in weak areas so that I can be the best mother to my daughter. If I didn’t experience art in recovery, then I wouldn’t be able to work through so many conflicts, in my head and my life, that help me grow to be emotionally healthy in recovery.