Becoming "A Man of Character"


When talking about the word character the first word that comes to mind for me is integrity and honesty. When in recovery we want to try and sharpen our character to become better people than the people we are when we are using. Not being two faced and being consistent all the way across the board is a good place to start. I am reminded of when I was young and my grandmother would tell me to have good character and to be a man of character. This still holds true for me today as a man in recovery. I need to work on dealing with the rough edges I have in order to start to deal with the parts of me that cause such wreckage in my past. I want to be trustworthy, loyal, honest, dedicated, kind and faithful as I grow in sobriety so I can live up to the things I expect myself to do in sobriety. I want to say that I have good character when people speak about me when I am not around or when they describe me.