How Yoga Compliments Treatment

At South Orange County Detox and Treatment, clients have opportunities to participate in a wide array of therapeutic activities, including onsite yoga classes.
The yoga classes at South Orange County Detox and Treatment are modeled after the types of classes offered at yoga studios. The classes include “sound healing” with Tibetan singing bowls and meditation cymbals to promote restful brain waves, as well as guided meditation and mindfulness incorporated throughout the yoga practice. A sense of calm, a sense of relaxation, and a sense of well-being typically emerge for clients through these classes.
First, a little history about yoga. Were you aware that the practice of yoga was developed between 2,000–6,000 years ago? And, that physical poses are merely 1/8th of the practice? Did you know that the original intention of the physical exercises of yoga was to improve our ability to sit comfortably in meditation?
Along with physical poses, there are seven other aspects to yoga practice. When all eight “limbs” of yoga are practiced together, it can serve as a powerful guide to living life well.
The “8 Limbs” of yoga are:
• Practice of Wise Characteristics: developing compassion for all (including for ourselves), a commitment to the truth, practicing gratitude, being of service, living a balanced life, and letting go/not grasping

• Dedication to Codes for Living Well: daily efforts towards simplicity, continual refinement, acceptance, hopefulness, sincerity, love of learning, surrendering, and wholeheartedness

• Posture: physical poses of yoga, intended to develop endurance, awaken the senses, find steadiness and ease, obtain relief from tension, and grow strength, balance, and flexibility

• Breathing: expanding the breath, the settling of the mind through the slowing of the breath; deeper inhalations provide nourishment to our brain and body, fuller exhalations detoxify the blood and body

• Inner Focus: finding stillness, silence, and deep relaxation of the body and the mind; this limb serves as a bridge between the limbs that precede and the limbs that follow

• Concentration: focusing the mind on an object (word, image, intention, affirmation), training the mind for meditation

• Meditation: the mind is steady, resting, and clear

• Awakening to the True Self: the outcome of practicing the first seven limbs, the state of being fully present, a return to wholeness, an ability to naturally experience bliss

Maybe you can see how threads of yoga can be woven into the tapestry of treatment. The practice of the eight limbs of yoga closely mirrors the principles of recovery. Everything we do at South Orange County Detox and Treatment naturally complements recovery, with intention to relieve suffering and promote soundness of body and mind.
We strive at South Orange County Detox and Treatment to offer a variety of opportunities for clients to begin taking steps forward in their recovery, including art therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, cryotherapy, yoga classes, and more.
In treatment at South Orange County Detox and Treatment, you can find support, wisdom, and guidance on your path to discovering your best self. We believe that all people deserve to live well, that we all have inherent worth and gifts, and that we all can find deeper meaning and a life beyond our imagination on our journeys in recovery from addiction.
Reach out to us and find inspiration at South Orange County Detox and Treatment!